Thursday, May 17, 2012

The summer sun has turned on mankind killing most of them instantly on the morning after the last day of spring, but not all of them.....On the second day of summer the dead began to walk again hungry craving a taste of life. Few of the human race survived summers first sun rise but most who did were not unaffected. They were mutated and among the mutants was THE BRAIN!!! only the tips of his hair was in the suns glare that morning... but it was hot enough to scalp him and thanx to his new mutation he didnt seem to mind much. In fact he felt little left of his former self he too suffered from cravings, massive cravings for mutants like himself, cravings for sea creatures, cravings for the extremely rare untainted human flesh of the unlucky ones, the only ones left of humankind unaffected by summers first sunrise…….they had become little more than a delicacy.


  1. Have you been eaten and this was the last post?

  2. ha HA HA!!! no but I have been fighting for life against flesh eating mutants lol.... actually I kinda hit a wall and didnt know what I realy wanted to use this blog for but I think it will be back in action very soon.