Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sweet Coconut cream, A dairy free whipped cream alternative!

I was told by my doctor a few years ago that it would be wise for me to avoid dairy. I was having some sinus issues and he explained that dairy was prone to causing allergies. I reluctantly took his advice and have to admit that since doing so I can see a connection. I don't have to completely eliminate dairy altogether but I have to pay close attention to how much I have and how I am feeling. I love dairy though. Cheese, cream, chocolate etcetera it's all good to me!
So I had to seek alternatives. One of the first dairy free recipes that I tried was this dairy free whip cream. So after checking out multiple blogs that showed how to do this with caned coconut milk. Involving placing the can in the fridge over night so that the cream will gather at the top and then using only the bit of cream from the top and discarding or finding another use for nearly an entire can of coconut milk. I found that the Trader Joes extra thick and rich coconut cream works just fine at room temp and with very little to no waste. Check out the video linked below to see the way that I do  dairy free whip cream!     
 Using just these three ingredients!
Add the coconut cream to your bowl with around a teaspoon or so of vanilla (or any flavor extract you choose). I start by adding 2-3 tbs of powdered sugar and begin mixing. From there I add the powdered sugar by tasting as I go, according to my preference that day. Then I place the mixture covered in the fridge for 15 minutes to an hour depending mostly on my patience. It will thicken upon cooling.  
 Make dairy free fruit cocktail, desert topping, or a dairy free sweetener for your coffee!

*Quick 4 minute video*
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