Saturday, March 14, 2015


 My husband and I have been battling the bulge for a while now.
We really started putting on weight several years ago and it escalated with in the past few years after moving from small town living to city life. Keeping up and learning the big world can pack on the stress and the pounds. There is really more to it than that but how long do you really want to be reading this?
Anyway we started our lifestyle change last year and did pretty good. We didn't really lose any weight but we learned a lot and incorporated a lot of new foods into our diets.
This year though I decided, for me at least, that it was time to step it up. I am ready to start fitting comfortably in my clothes again and really feeling more energetic and all of the great things about being fit. So one of the things I did was I downloaded an app to my phone for calorie counting. I really did not want to reach this point. I had hoped that once I finally started eating differently that I would feel and see changes with out the calorie game. And I did! just not nearly to the degree that I feel ready for now. So once I started counting calories I really saw what my problems were. I was eating WAY to much! I found that most of what I considered a severing size was actually two or more. I discovered that one package of ramen noodles is almost as many calories as one arbys melt.
I could really go on and on about this journey so far and I might begin a whole blog segment dedicated to this lifestyle make over but for now lets get down to it. Basically I have days where I just need something scrumptious that is super low calorie and also nutritious (at least more so than fast food, meals from boxes or lots of starchy pastas) so I can "pig out" guilt free. I was really hooked on spaghetti at the time and I found that I really didn't have room in my RDI (recommended calorie Intake) for that much pasta.
So I started making these Zucchini noodles I kept seeing on pintrest.  I failed the first few times that I tried it. I was nervous about it not being like real spaghetti when I got done. So I let it cook longer than I was suppose to and it shriveled up into mushy slimy grose yuk instead of noodles. So I eventually came around to following the directions as I should and taking what I got. I finally got zucchini noodles!! No they are not as soft as regular noodles. Yes it will be different. But not bad. A win! For me and my husband at least it is a really great solution to a lot of our healthy eating problems and we both look forward to having zugetti nights! Any way I have posted pictures of my zugetti to instagram and facebook and I thought that I would share how I made my version of zugetti! It's all in the video below. I hope you try it and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have.
Here is the link to the video on youtube if the video above will not play on your device from this page.
The Stubborn Bubble's Zugetti video on Youtube

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