Saturday, May 9, 2015

Healthy Shroomwich! So much yum!

Scrumptious and nutritious grilled veggie sandwich for under 400 calories.

Here's how.
Slice a portabella mushroom cap after removing any stem .
Add a tiny bit of oil to a pan and warm up the
 mushroom slices.
(the delicate skin of the mushroom will stick to the
 pan with out a bit of oil or a non stick pan, in this case I used both.)
cook on medium high heat. and while that's happening......

Taking one slice of sourdough bread
I used this one.
and sliced it in half.

Mushroom slices look like this when flipped.
Which was good enough for me so I dumped those onto my cutting sheet to free up some space in the pan for my bread.
In my case Trader Joe's soy cheese blend.
But you can use your favorite cheese or cheese alternative.
Put some on top of one of the slice's of the slice of bread.
 Put that in the pan with about this much butter
(maybe around a half a tsp)
on low heat.
I used this kind of butter.
but again choose your favorite.
While that is happening begin prepping the other slice... of the...slice of bread.
I started with this tomato pesto this time.
I've also used this basil pesto and both are really awesome I definitely suggest trying them both.
I scooped out some using a 1/2 a tbsp.
Buuuut that just wasn't going to be enough for my taste soooo.
I did it again using one tbsp. of tomato pesto.
next add some clover sprouts.

Place those mushroom slices on top of that.
Now replace this cheesy bread
with this bread.
And plop that cheesy bread on top.
Estimated at around 343 calories.


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