Monday, March 18, 2013

Buggedy the clown & her upstaging, irratating lil "buddy" The Fly

<------  This is a look I did in November of 2012. I call it buggedy the clown because when I was recording the "tutorial" for this for my youtub channel there was a lil fly that kept upstaging me through out the entire video. Infact this video inspired a collaboration between myself and fellow youtuber Lyvonnewest.

The guest star in my  "buggedy" the clown video
Inspired this collaboration.    Lyvonnewest
suggested that I create a look from the Jeff Goldblum version of The Fly and well, not all that long story shorter we decided to do it together. She did the transforming version and I did the fully transformed fly version.
Here is a link to her part of this collaboration

The Buggedy the clown video and the collaboration video titled The Fly are of me creating these looks what products I used and how ect.. and they can both be found on my youtube channel @
                           Here is a short demo video of some of the funny moments from the two videos.



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