Sunday, April 28, 2013

 I don't know if this really counts so much as a "craft" but more as a recycle or "up cycle"  (which seems to have become the popular term, and maybe even more appropriate a lot of times).

I just had this bag of cotton bolls rolled up and taking up all this space in my cabinet and this very cleverly designed box of tea that when opened properly becomes that coolest tea bag dispenser. I thought "Why would I throw that away?"  and  "Why wouldn't I" .... "What could I use it for?"  I had just finished tidying up the cabinet in my vanity and I remembered thinking that the bag of cotton balls was ridiculously over sized to be stored like they were and a pain to access that way just as well. Every time you needed a cotton ball you had to take down the bag un roll it, get your cotton, and then roll it up and stuff it away again..... :\   what a process for one piece of cotton!
I was able to fit all that was left of the bag into this box ( which was about a half of a bag of medium\small cotton balls) and now all I have to do when I need a cotton ball is reach up and pluck one out elevating efficiency and lowering frustration. I'm probably not the first person to think of this, and maybe not the first to post about it. But I'm glad I did it and so I am sharing. 

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