Sunday, February 2, 2014

Are you down with the sickness?

(prior to posting this I had a few of my therapist friends read it and give their approval to post.)
So my new doctor told me that our flu season lasts through April here in new mexico and is just starting now. Remember you guys, massage can help you to bounce back from illness more quickly as it promotes better flow of the lymphatic system, Relaxation, and a healing mind state. However if you receive a massage while still sick or as soon as you begin to feel sick your symptoms will likely be magnified and I personally don't recommend it. Be sure to wait until any fever has past, drink loads of water (water not just Gatorade) CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR and also be considerate of your therapist. Massage therapy is a physically demanding job and therapists are often paid based on how many massages they do. So when you come in sick and transfer your illness to your professional practitioner you cost that practitioner a lot as it is often considered unethical for a therapist to work while sick not to mention that bed rest rather than physical exertion is recommended for sick people in general. Also if you go in sick and then book for the same time next week don't be to upset if your therapist is out sick and unable to make that appointment. The same applies to any therapeutic and\or beauty service provider. The easy way to understand what I'm saying is to think of your service provider as a person living in this world with you who goes home and buys groceries ect.... and then put yourself in their shoes would you want someone to risk it on your health, your family, your income and your time? *** This is just a random info post. There is no one particular circumstance that lead to this post. Just sharing info that I feel should be shared. The more you know and all that*** That being said this info applies to the expectation of massage (relaxation massage, Swedish massage, full body massage ect..) There are different modalities and you may be able to receive touch therapy and\or trigger point therapy as well as many other modalities while sick yet again you risk spreading to your therapist. Be fair and communicate MANY therapists are willing and able to provide therapeutic services to sick people as long as they know to avoid things they should avoid to protect themselves and their client. Also some therapists are able to work with oils that help prevent the spread of bacteria such as tea tree oil for example. Again the more you know jussayin_ Tiff

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